Alexei Berteig

Director / Cinematographer
CHINA: +86 186-1287-5445
CANADA: (416) 938-0017

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CV (*NOTE: this old HTML version only lists stuff up to 2013. For current version use the above link to get a PDF)
UNICEF hotline starring Chen Kun Arri ALEXA Director / Cinematographer 2013
Zhong Guo Ren Shou (China National Insurance) Arri ALEXA Director 2013
Xin Net Dot Com Arri ALEXA Cinematographer 2013
Ford Kouga DSLR Cinematographer 2012
Volkswagen Beetle “Gene” Arri ALEXA Cinematographer 2012
Dinoland Theme Park RED ONE Gaffer 2012
Maybelline BB Cream DSLR Cinematographer 2011
Marie Claire – Summer Issue RED ONE Cinematographer 2011
BMW “Joy” concept car launch RED ONE Cinematographer 2010
San Ya Tourism DSLR Cinematographer 2010
Quan Jia Mei RED ONE Director / Cinematographer 2010
Meng Jie (Mendale) RED ONE Cinematographer 2010
Motorola Q8 and Q9 HD Director, Cinematographer 2007
Haier 35mm Cinematographer 2007
Semir HD Cinematographer 2007
Hewlett Packard HD Cinematographer 2007
A Part/Apart (Short) ALEXA Cinematographer 2012
Section 4 (Short) ALEXA Cinematographer 2012
Friends In The City (12 x segments) DSLR Director, Cinematographer 2012
Heliograms (5 short films) DSLR Producer 2012
Good Guys Can’t Afford Us (starring. Caterina Murino) RED ONE Writer, Director 2012
Inseparable (Feature, starring Kevin Spacey) RED Cinematographer (pickup shots) 2010
Walking The Dead (Feature) F900 Cinematographer 2009
Open Return (Short) HD Writer, Director, Cinematographer 2006
Goldfish (Short) HD Cinematographer 2006
On the Wings of an Emperor (Feature) SD Cinematographer 2000
Four Seasons Beijing (5x microfilm) ALEXA Director / Cinematographer 2013
Johnnie Walker House Beijing ALEXA Director / Cinematographer 2013
Mercedes A-Class Launch BTS DSLR Cinematographer 2013
Lenovo “Rock Star” internal event video DSLR Director / Cinematographer 2013
Volkswagen “Best Driver” Race DSLR Cinematographer 2013
U.N. Women “One Woman” feat. Zhang Liang Ying DSLR Cinematographer 2013
Four Seasons Beijing (10 x Microfilms) Arri ALEXA Director, Cinematographer 2012
Mercedes Benz Dealership Awards DSLR Director / Cinematographer 2012
Volkswagen Partner Support Programme EX-3 Cinematographer 2012
Volkswagen “Joy” DSLR Cinematographer 2012
L’Oreal B.T.S. with Fan Bing Bing , Li Bing Bing DSLR Director, Cinematographer 2012
Mercedes “The Best Or Nothing” Sony F3 Cinematographer 2011
L’Oreal @ Cannes with Fan Bing Bing, Li Bing Bing EX-3 Director, Camera CANNES 2011
L’Oreal B.T.S. with Fan Bing Bing DSLR Director, Cinematographer 2011
Maybelline @ N.Y. Fashion Week (3 x Micro Films) DSLR/EX3 Director, Cinematographer N.Y. 2011
Wirtgen DSLR Cinematographer 2010
Fortune Magazine CEO’s of China DSLR Cinematographer 2009
HP Green Awards EX-3 Cinematographer 2009
City of the Future (JCS Israeal) F900 1st AD 2008
Adidas NBA – Dwight Howard in Shanghai HD Director, Cinematographer 2007
Tiens HD Cinematographer 2007
“Two Men In China” (Australia) DSLR Cinematographer BEIJING 2013
BBC Fast Track, Beijing to Paris race DSLR Cinematographer BEIJING 2013
BBC “Changing Fortunes” DSLR Cinematographer BEIJING 2012
BBC Fast Track EX-3 Cinematographer SEOUL 2011
The South China Seas (TV France) EX-3 Cinematographer 2011
BBC Green China Rising ALEXA Cinematographer BEIJING 2011
MTV Wold Stage EX-3 Cinematographer 2011
Green Cities (pilot, Shanghai TV) EX-3 Director/Cinematographer 2010
Chemical World Tour (TV France) EX-3 Camera 2010
Bjorn Bertoft (Sweden) HD Camera 2010
BBC Hot Cities, Shanghai Segment EX-3 Cinematographer 2009
BBC Chateau Margaux Wines, China segment F900 Cinematographer BEIJING 2008
BBC Fast Track EX-3 Cinematographer BEIJING 2008
Private Jet Set (TV pilot, CCTV) HD Camera 2008
Hellespont (Shanghai Ship Launch) HD Camera 2007
The Mountain Movers (CCTV 9) SD Director, Cinematographer 2004
The Perfect Divorce  (GLOBAL, Canada) SD Writer, Director, Cinematographer 2002
Man Jiang ”Yi Wan Tien” 16mm Cinematographer 2007
Man Jiang “Ming Nian” 16mm Cinematographer 2007
HP Printing Expo Beijing ALEXA Camera 2013
Jaguar Mobile Party (Bird’s Nest) DSLR Camera 2013
Porsche 911 50 Year Anniversary DSLR Camera 2013
Hugo Boss “BLACK” RED EPIC Camera 2012
Hainan Rendezvous EX-3 Cinematographer 2011
Cisco Expo 2010 RED ONE Cinematographer 2010
K-Mart Australia DSLR Camera 2010
NBC American Election, (Beijing) HD Camera 2008
Al Jazeera (Sichuan quake) HD Camera 2008
Beijing Auto Show SD Camera 2008
Alexei Berteig was born in a cold and beautiful Prairie town in the heart of Canada. After graduating from the prestigious Canadian Film Centre Writer’s Lab he wrote a number of scripts for North American producers and worked as story editor on a number of high profile projects. After coming to Beijing in 2003, he continued writing for producers in Asia, and currently has five feature scripts in development. His background in storytelling informs his current work as a cinematographer and director. He has shot TVC’s for clients including Maybelline, L’Oreal, BMW, Mercedes, Adidas, HP, Motorola, Haier and others, and documentary projects for Discovery, BBC, and French TV. As a director, Alexei has worked in theater, television, documentary, short film, micro film and television commercials. His clients include Shanghai TV, Maybelline, Motorola, China National Insurance and others. Alexei and his Chinese wife currently live in Beijing with their two daughters.

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