Frustrated with OS X Lion

July 24, 2012

Tally of time wasted.

8 Hours: Merging Mail from server with mail backups generated from Leopard.
Problem: on OS X Leopard has this “idiot protection” feature that, when moving mail from one mailbox to another, actually creates a duplicate of that message. I discovered about 5 hours into a very complex process that my mailbox was 27 GIGABYTES. Whoa. Start from scratch.

2 Hours: Getting my customized SSH scripts to work on Lion.
Problem: Lion inexplicably renames AirPort as Wi-Fi in it’s new Terminal lexicon. Once I figured that out I could change the scripts accordingly. Documentation for such name changes? Good luck.

1 Hour: Getting my Epson laser printer to work.
Problem: OS X Lion demands different drivers than Leopard. Epson’s site doesn’t explain this, even on the micro-site for my printer, it just has a driver for “10.5.” Logically, that would be the latest driver for everything newer than 10.5 right? Nope. Google search reveals a mention of “Lion” and “EPL-6200L” as part of the link description – that link takes me to the same page I was already on listing 10.5 as the latest driver. FOUR CLICKS LATER through sub-levels of drop-down boxes reveals the fine print: “Lion drivers are available through Software Update.” Which means you have to actually install an updated non-functioning driver first, then through happenstance do a software update.

To be updated regularly.

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