Sweet Shot of the Week #16: Foggy Swim

February 14, 2013

This was shot as a part of an international on-line 48-hour film festival competition. The final film is called “A Part Apart,” about a pair of Siamese twins that are separated only to discover that they still feel each other’s physical sensations through a kind of sensory telepathy. Causes a bit of trouble when one of them is making out with her boyfriend and her distant but separated twin feels every sensation…I won the category for best cinematography. Roger Deakins I ain’t…

We had a lot of locations to cover but the swimming pool was by far my favorite. We turned out all the lights and I put a few open-face redheads on the side of the pool. There was enough humidity in the air and enough bounce on the water to give the barest fill exposure. For any smoke, water or atmospheric elements, as long as it’s lit at least 90 degrees off of the camera axis or even more backlit, I think it looks awesome. Negative fill was provided by the vast empty darkened room.

During color correction I ramped up the blue in the shadows and highlights and compensated with ramping up the orange in the mid tones to keep the skin tones more normal. Blacks are slightly crushed. I realize that this is really a “look” that I favor; the same look can be seen in “Stairwell,” “Candles,” and “Ignition.”

Arri ALEXA Camera Settings:

  • ISO 800
  • 120 fps
  • 180 degree shutter
  • ProRes 4:2:2
  • 3200 degrees Kelvin

Lighting Setup:

  • 3 x 800w open face redheads


  • 85mm CP.2 with condensation on front element

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