Sweet Shot of the Week #4: “Headlights”

May 22, 2012

Arri Alexa Dynamic Range Test – “Headlights”

There’s a bunch of things I love about this shot, things that hightlight the Alexa’s strengths. First, there is no light on the faces of the people walking towards camera except the ambient bounce coming off the buildings behind me. But their faces are relatively clear. Shadow detail, check.

When the headlight comes into view, you can clearly see every LED in the Audi fixture. Highlight detail? Check.

You can also see every mote of dust swirling through the air. Yes, that’s the stuff we breathe in Beijing.

The driver and passenger in the car are illuminated only by whatever light is coming off the dashboard. It almost looks like there’s a couple of MiniFlo’s tucked in there, but there’s not.

As the Audi turns, the white paneling on the door shows the clear reflection of the people walking away. Lots of detail in those bright areas.

Using the Alexa means exposing scenes in a new way.

Things I’m not crazy about: The flares on the RedPro Primes are a bit ugly and video-like.

Arri ALEXA Camera Settings:

  • ISO 400
  • Red ProPrime 50mm
  • T=4
  • 100 fps
  • ProRes 4:2:2
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