Sweet Shot of the Week #5: “Gloomy Stairwell”

June 3, 2012

I had a friend, the young and talented Varga Changizi, operate the camera for me while I took a turn as an actor. Poor casting aside, this shot was, for me, another revelation of the ALEXA’s strength in low-light situations. I actually had to put some black wrap on the exit sign that gives the initial greenish murky glow – it was too bright. I used an LED flashlight to creep up the stairs. After the light goes out, I struck two matches at once. When I saw the footage I was stunned to see that the flare of two matches was enough to illuminate the entire scene. I love the way the match casts flickering shadows on the wall as I come up the stairs.

Arri ALEXA Camera Settings:

  • ISO 800
  • 25 fps
  • 180 degree shutter
  • ProRes 4:2:2
  • 3600 degrees Kelvin

Lighting Equipment:

  • two matches
  • one feeble exit sign
  • One SmallSun LED flashlight
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