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HDx35 B4/PL Optical Adapter Test

July 29, 2012
HDx35 optical adapter on the Arri ALEXA

ABOUT THIS TEST The HDx35 is an optical adapter that allows you to use B4 lenses, which were originally designed for the 2/3″ HD format, on a PL-Mount camera. The HDx35 is one of those products that looks really good on paper, and gets your creative juices flowing; “hey, I can get a 10x zoom on my ALEXA and stick it on my shoulder, and basically use it like an ENG camera. Or I get the equivalent of a 24-290 Optimo on my Alexa for a tiny fraction of the cost.” Hello, documentary shooting, here we come. I did this test to see how practical the adapter is to use in real-world situations, and what are the compromises and tradeoffs we face by putting another piece of glass between the lens and the camera…similarly, I wanted to get a feel for the adapter so I can decide whether or not to recommend it to my clients, and to find out what shooting situations would call for it. This test...

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